So I spent the weekend getting trained to be an Our Whole Lives facilitator, but somewhere along the line everyone who played a part in getting me there NEGLECTED TO MENTION that hey, this training, these facilitators and everything about this weekend will not affirm your gender or your sexuality and will leave you wanting to cry and wanting to punch someone in the face. Eugh.

There were two people at this training (who have known me for a long time now, coincidentally) that I would consider allies or any kind of help. Two. Out of Twelve. And they were not the facilitators. And they very easily may not have been there, and had that happened I would not have made it through the weekend.

SO: Downside? OWL, while a wonderful program for teens, merely claims to be trans* inclusive despite UUs supposedly doing all this great work towards Welcoming Congregations and whatever. Upside? One of my best UU friends and I are going to TOTALLY UPGRADE EVERYTHING, language and all, when we teach it. And it’s going to be AWESOME, because comprehensive sexuality education and inclusivity is AWESOME.

But, yeah. My final eval was basically “I would never in a million years recommend this training to a transgender or non-binary self-identifying person. Ever.”


Feeling such gratitude for a couple really close people to me, with wonderful hearts and an ability to help me process. And if you’re UU or interested in OWL and want to hear more of my experience this weekend give me like, a week or two, to figure all my feelings out. Yeesh.

Yikes, that really needs to change! Have you considered writing a letter to the UUA?

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